Time is a valuable thing that all of us want to grasp and never let go. A photo is a glimpse, a moment, in time that we can hold onto forever. 


This is why I have fallen in love with photography. My memory is unreliable, but when I can take a seat and look over my photos all the memories come flooding back to me. This is what I aim to do for you and your family. 


A little about me, well first off, my name is Chelsea Alvey. I am married to my best friend, Wes. I have been practicing photography since I was able to pick up a camera. I turned my love and passion into a career, and haven't been able to put down my camera since, no matter what life has thrown my way.


We relocated our little fam to Portland in 2017, and have fallen in love with the West Coast. I am here to build and grow my photography business like it was in the Midwest but better! I have clients that I have had for years. That still to this day, I fly back to take their family photos. In a way, I feel like I am apart of their families I've been honored to watch them grow and change over the years. 


With that said, I would love for my family to continue to grow, and for you to be apart of that, too!


I am honored to be your photographer and capture memories you can hold in your hands for a life time!


With all the love,